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Finland Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

Finland car rental offers you the option to compare all major and independent car rental suppliers and to book your car rental in real-time online. We offer rental cars in all major cities of Finland and you can save up to 40%.

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Use our Finland car rental quote system and in 2 minutes you will have a comparison of all providers in Finland. Then choose your preferred car rental agency and car hire rate. We offer a great range of vehicles at every destination from cheap economy cars through to luxury convertibles. Start now and simply complete the form for an instant online quote.

  • All Locations for Finland

    • Helsinki Vantaa Airport [HEL]
    • Ivalo Airport [IVL]
    • Joensuu Airport [JOE]
    • Jyvaskyla Airport [JYV]
    • Kajaani Airport [KAJ]
    • Kemi Airport [KEM]
    • Kittila Airport [KTT]
    • Kokkola Airport [KOK]
    • Kuopio Airport [KUO]
    • Kuusamo Airport [KAO]
    • Lappeenranta Airport [LPP]
    • Maarianhamina Airport [MHQ]
    • Oulu Airport [OUL]
    • Pori Airport [POR]
    • Rovaniemi Airport [RVN]
    • Savonlinna Airport [SVL]
    • Seinajoki Airport [SJY]
    • Tampere Airport [TMP]
    • Turku Airport [TKU]
    • Vaasa Airport [VAA]
    • Varkaus Airport [VRK]
    • Helsinki Railway Station
    • Kouvola Railway Sation
    • Lahti Railway Station
    • Oulu Railway Station
    • Rovaniemi Railway Station
    • Vainikkala Train Station
    • Espoo
    • Hameenlinna
    • Helsinki
    • Hyvinkaa
    • Iisalmi
    • Imatra
    • Joensuu
    • Jyvaeskylae
    • Jyvaskyla
    • Kajaani
    • Karhula
    • Kemi
    • Kerava
    • Kittila
    • Kokkola
    • Kouvola
    • Kuopio
    • Kuusamo
    • Lahti
    • Lappeenranta
    • Loviisa
    • Maarianhamina
    • Mikkeli
    • Oulu
    • Pietarsaari
    • Pori
    • Porvoo
    • Raisio
    • Rauma
    • Rovaniemi
    • Salo
    • Savonlinna
    • Seinajoki
    • Tampere
    • Tornio
    • Turku
    • Vaasa
    • Vainikkala
    • Vantaa
  • Car rental companies in Finland

    • Sixt Car Hire Finland
      Sixt Car Hire Finland
    • Europcar Car Hire Finland
      Europcar Car Hire Finland
    • Alamo Car Hire Finland
      Alamo Car Hire Finland
    • Keddy Car Hire Finland
      Keddy Car Hire Finland
    • Green Motion Car Hire Finland
      Green Motion Car Hire Finland
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Finland Travel and Car Rental Guide for Visitors

The republic of Finland is located in the north of Europe. This country has a population of approximately 6 million people and the majority of the inhabitants reside in the south of Finland. The republic of Finland is ranked at number 8 in the list of the largest European nations owing to its size and population.

How do I enter Finland?

The most convenient way is by plane. There are quite a number of airports in Finland with the main entry point being the Helsinki international airport. The national airplane, the Finnair, operates in most European countries and up to 15 local destinations ensuring there are flights to and through Finland.

What transportation options are there in Finland?

There are quite a number of ways you can move through Finland. They include air travel, taxis, and buses, trains and car hire services.

By plane

This is the fastest means to move around Finland. There are quite a good number of airports in Finland and thus getting local flights is quite easy. Traveling by plane can be quite expensive overall.

By buses and trains

Finland is well endowed with train and bus network facilities. The problem with trains is the fact that they do not offer transportation to various parts of the state like to Lapland. In this case you would have to depend on the buses. The buses are quite many around Finland, but they can prove to be expensive if you are planning on spending most of your time touring Finland.

By taxis

These is also an ideal way to explore Finland though it can really be expensive.

By Rental Car

In order to fully enjoy your stay in Finland, the most ideal mode of transport is by car rental. There are car hire agencies in all major towns in Finland, including in the airport. This makes it ideal as you can rent a car from the airport upon arrival or you can shop around the towns to see whether you can come across cheap car hire services.

There are local and international car hire service providers in Finland so you will always find one to cater for your needs. When you hire a car in Finland, you get the chance to see explore Finland day and night without worrying about missing the bus, train or taxi.

What fun activities are there in Finland?

There are so many activities to take part in while in Finland. They range from skiing, hiking, golfing, fishing, going for cruise trips, and even camping and lots more. You can indulge in the Finnish saunas and the nude Finnish saunas for the daring folks. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to holiday activities in Finland.

What accommodation options are there in Finland?

With the number of tourists coming into Finland every day, lacking accommodation is quite impossible. There are hotels, guest houses, farm houses, camp vans and caravans and even chalets and cottages. They come fit for all budgets and tastes. You can also opt to reside in the resorts offered by your favorite activities like the ski resorts in Finland, and many others.

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